Thursday, October 1, 2015

Become A Neal’s Yard Consultant: The Truly Ethical Work At Home Opportunity

I know many of my readers here at Healthy Body, Happy Spirit are fellow bloggers, work-at-home mums and solopreneurs. I know you care about natural health and wellness, going organic, and consuming in an ethical, cruelty-free way. And I know the holiday season is around the corner, so some of you are looking for a stress-free way to pay for all that entails and still enjoy your time with family and friends.

So today I want to share a business opportunity you may find interesting. It’s not full-time, or high pressure. It fits around your family and lifestyle, and if you’re here reading this blog it probably ties in with your values and ideals. And of course I wouldn’t recommend it unless I’d tried it.

I recently signed up as an independent consultant with Neal’s Yard Remedies. For those of you not familiar with the products they are a range of health, wellness and beauty products. They're natural, organic, fair trade, and cruelty free. Here’s some other stuff you may like to know:

The company recently became the world’s first health and beauty company to achieve 100/100 in an independent audit by The Ethical Company Organisation.

They’re committed to producing high quality, organic skincare, haircare, essential oils, and food supplements.

Their products are vegan and cruelty free.

They’re a British company based in the UK (but there is a US branch for my readers across the pond).

They sell via shops and mail order, but their shops are few and far between, meaning there may not be one in your area and you may be your customers’ most convenient way of shopping.

They offer a generous compensation package to consultants, including a minimum 25% commission (it rises with sales), incentives, training and excellent support.

No experience is required. There is a lot of free training available and you can take it all in at your own pace, building your business as fast or as slowly as you like.

You can sell Neal’s Yard products at sales parties, coffee mornings, events, markets and fairs.

It costs just £95 to sign up as an independent consultant, and that includes a starter kit with over £200 worth of products (retail value), plus business tools such as brochures and a training DVD, and your own personalised website to send online customers to (here’s mine).

They have a special offer on right now allowing you to sign up with a smaller kit for just £45. Perfect if you’re not 100% sure but want to dip a toe into the water. The £45 kit contains several products (much more than £45 worth), plus business tools, access to training, and will also activate your personalised website. Plus you'll be a fully fledged consultant so can use your 25% discount to order more demonstration products as and when you're ready to grow your business.

Benefits of Becoming a Neal’s Yard Consultant

  • Flexible hours – You can book events when you’re free, scheduling around other commitments. You can encourage your potential customers to hold coffee mornings, weekend afternoon sales parties, midweek pampering evenings or Friday night ‘Girl’s Night In’ events.
  • Great incentives for hosts – Your hosts get a free gift, plus free or half price shopping depending on the sales made at their event. You can also offer a free facial if they want one, and a free mini-gift to take home for anyone who books another event.
  • No minimum order – You can place an order as soon as you get one, whether it’s for one client or several. You can even place an order just for yourself, (or to stock up on holiday gifts and stocking fillers) and still get your 25% commission.
  • Extra incentives – There are various goals to aim for and if you hit them you get a free Neal’s Yard voucher, usually between £50 and £75, to spend on the goodies of your choice. This is just for fun. If you don’t hit those goals, no problem. There’s no pressure and no sales deadlines to meet other than the ones you set yourself.
  • You can promote online and off – Doing live events works well for Neal’s Yard products (for one thing they smell delicious!) but you get your own website and receive your 25% commission on everything sold through that too, so you can post links to it on your blog or on your social media accounts.


Click here to find out more, or to sign up online for either the usual £95 starter kit, or the smaller high value $45 kit (you'll be given the choice during the sign-up process). In fact you even get a choice of two different kits, with different products, so simply pick the one that appeals to you most.

Have a question? Email me at for more details. Once you’ve signed up you’ll get your starter kit, training materials and I’ll contact you with a warm welcome email, some friendly ‘getting started’ advice and a link to a fun, supportive Facebook group you can join if that’s your kind of thing.

Just a few events between now and Christmas could pay for your Christmas shopping and get you started with a brand new, flexible, work-from-home business. So do something different (and worthwhile) this autumn.

For More Information Click Here

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